Dear Homeschooling Families,

In this day of homeschooling options, we think you have probably not seen anything quite like HomeLink. This program started right here in the Yakima Valley in 1996 with the purpose of assisting parents in quality home schooling. Since our onset, we have grown and improved, but our vision stays the same: to design an education program that ignites students' passion for learning, to train and advise parents as they home school, to strengthen the family unit, and to set an example of excellent and creative education for every single student we work with.

Our aim is to create an atmosphere where students feel welcome and comfortable. Our classes are small enough that we can connect and care for every single individual. It is our aim to be available, helpful, and timely with parental/advisor communication. We are here for you

April Thome

Homeschooling is the smartest way to teach kids in the 21st century

Alison Davis doesn't see homeschooling as some strange alternative to traditional school.

If anything, says the mom from Williamstown, New Jersey, when it comes to raising her two children, she's doing the sensible thing.

"You're not going to be put in a work environment where everybody came from the same school and everybody is the same age," she tells Business Insider. "In my opinion, the traditional school atmosphere is not the real world at all."

Homeschooling, she says, that's the real world.

Program Benefits

Today our services provide several options in supporting home education.  HomeLink offers once-a-week classes that provide guided independent learning for students grades K-12.  The classes can provide the full home school academic experience or may be considered enrichment classes that extend and deepen learning occurring in your home school.  In addition, HomeLink offers achievement testing for students as well as curriculum advice and consultation services for home schooling parents.


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